Our roots run deep in enterprise infrastructure, and we are committed to provide our customers with bespoke infrastructure composed of best of breed building blocks, through to proven turnkey infrastructure solutions, cloud or on premise, and always backed by our recognised skill and uncompromising support.

Compute Infrastructure

With two decades of experience in helping customers in enterprise, science and technology, media and entertainment and financial services, Breakpoint’s solutions have won awards and recognition from our vendors and distribution partners, as well as the loyalty of our customers. From RISC architectures that crunch the numbers behind some of the largest radio telescopes in the world, to innovative caching solutions for on-demand media streaming, to cost effective scale-out architectures and high-performance computing solutions built on Intel and AMD technology, our engineers have remained at the innovative edge of on-premise computing.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure

As business leaders pivot to unique global challenges, a new normal is emerging. Organisations are increasingly tasking the IT department to find and deliver rapid new business value through increased efficiency, enhanced automation, accelerated time to market, sharp innovation and, rock- solid cost savings.

For these organisations, it’s time to reach new economic advantage through IT. Save your valuable budget, time, and manpower and redistribute resources toward more high-value initiatives. Invest in the future of your organisation with infrastructure that delivers returns – not adds complexity and costs over time. Innovate to speed your modernisation and transformation initiatives with an IT partner that provides the choice and flexibility to help you succeed.


Breakpoint has the skills, technologies and relationships to deliver storage solutions where others fear to tread. Whether you require breathtaking storage performance for science and technology workloads in a composable NVMe infrastructure, or economic and resilient data persistence for your financial applications in a traditional three-tier architecture with a software defined storage fabric, or anything in between, we invite you to put us to the test.

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